Julia Rae Woodard, age 59, of Elgin, IL, passed away on July 7, 2021. She was born September 12, 1961 in Chicago, IL to her loving parents, Jerry and Wanda Woodard (née Glover).

A memorial will be held from 11:00am to 1:00pm, with funeral service at 11:30am, Saturday, July 17, 2021 at Symonds-Madison Funeral Home, 305 Park Street, Elgin, IL 60120. Pr. John Halbert will be officiating

Mourners are encouraged to review the funeral home COVID-19 public health policies ahead of time.

Interment will be private.

Final arrangements entrusted to Symonds-Madison Funeral Home. For more information, call 847-741-1128 or visit www.symondsmadison.com.

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  1. Just want to say to Aunt Wanda, Pookey, Ricky, Ryan, Riquita, Shad, and Royce, I love you and miss you so much, and Julie will never, ever be forgotten. When I think of Julie, it’s always of something funny! From when we were young and I used to spend time with her, Pookey, and Jeriann at the old house in Elgin or in Maywood, and we’d be jumping rope, to sitting at Aunt Wanda’s kitchen table eating, laughing and making jokes about something someone in the family said or did. Its was just happy times being around her. Julie ALWAYS had a smile on her face or was laughing about something crazy or silly! I don’t think out of all the times I’ve been around her, I’ve not seen her smiling. That’s what I’ll remember always. She’s at peace now. Aunt Wanda, there are no words of comfort I can give other than I’m sorry and I love you. I know you’d rather be the one to leave before your kids but please have comfort in knowing that Julie’s no longer in pain nor suffering. She’s with her father, Mama Mary, Uncle Sonny, Jeriann, and Uncle Richard and all our other family members that have gone on to glory. They’re not looking down on us because they’re too busy praising the Lord and they know nothing of this world now, but I bet before they left us, even if they couldn’t express it, they knew their family would be in good hands and would be ok without them. To Julie’s kids, I do know how you feel losing her, it’s a pain that can’t be described, it hurts like hell way deep down inside, a pain that you’d thought you’d NEVER feel in your lifetime, and only those that have lost their mother know exactly how much it hurts. And Julie can never be replaced so don’t look for that, in anyone because you’d be disappointed. There’s no one like her in this world. Just remember her, her love for you, all her qwerky sayings, her laugh, they way she hugged you, how she smelled when you were near her, everything about her that you may have forgotten. Believe me, ALL OF THESE FEELINGS will flood your senses and memories, and you’ll always carry her with you. She’s in your heart now, wherever you go, she’ll be there. You will survive, live on and thrive. Julie will want you to do that. This is your new normal now. Ok family, I love and miss you and take care of each other until we see one another again! – Tonya

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