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Why Plan Ahead

It may not be easy to think about your wishes for end-of-life, but they are some of the most important decisions you can make, for your family and the loved ones you leave behind.

Can you imagine planning a wedding last-minute? A funeral deserves just as much, if not more, thought and care.

Planning ahead has many benefits, and here are five reasons to plan ahead for peace of mind:

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Take Control of Your Legacy

How do you want to be remembered? Planning ahead gives you the opportunity to decide what parts of your legacy are highlighted at your funeral. Are you proud of your accomplishments in the community? Time spent with your family? Success in your career or service to your country? Your personal faith? All aspects of your life work together to build your personal legacy – by putting it in writing, you take control and ensure your most important memories are acknowledged.

Create a Personal, Meaningful Service

Funerals are an important part of the grieving process. They provide closure, and an opportunity for the community to pay their respects and support the loved ones left behind. By considering your wishes now, instead of during a time of crisis, you have the ability to craft a meaningful service with small details that matter. Funeral planning is deeply personal, and we believe every service should reflect the person being honored. There is no better person than you to design the best celebration of life that reflects you and your personality.

Ease Burdens on Loved Ones

During times of tragedy, it can be easy for family members to feel trapped by emotional overspending and forget important details. With a plan, they won’t have to wonder what would have made you happy. By keeping important records on file with your funeral plan, no one will have to dig to find your DD-214, life insurance policy number, or family history. You can have peace of mind in knowing that your family will not be left to scramble during those challenging early days of grief.

Confidence in Your Plan

Instead of leaving everything for the last minute, planning ahead ensures thoughtful, prudent decisions are made, and that your wishes can be followed. You can take the time to choose a funeral provider, goods and services and budget you are comfortable with, ultimately building a strong plan. None of these decisions are made under pressure. Most importantly, it opens the door for an open and honest dialogue with your loved ones about what you both want.

Save Time and Money

By planning ahead, you can have the full picture regarding any government benefits, such as Social Security and VA Benefits, and any anticipated life insurance benefits. Planning ahead does not require pre- funding, but there are certain advantages to doing so, including inflation control, guaranteeing costs of certain funeral goods and services, and preserving assets ahead of accessing Medicaid benefits. Knowing this information in advance will save you and your loved ones time and money.

Are you ready to plan ahead?

Pre-planning your funeral is often completed in just one sit-down meeting with our pre-arrangement professionals. We will discuss your plans and preferences, and file everything safely with our office. By planning ahead with our family at Symonds-Madison Funeral Home, you will gain peace of mind to know your final arrangements are in place.

Feel free to call one of our friendly professionals at 847-741-1168 to discuss any questions you may have about your personal planning arrangements.

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