My husband of 46 years had been battling multiple health problems for years. Still, his death came as a sudden, numbing shock. I’d done virtually no planning for final arrangements, so the hospice nurse’s early morning call to Daniel came to him out of the blue. Nevertheless, he was at my house within what seemed like minutes, ready to discuss Bruce’s wishes with flawless professionalism and genuine compassion. These wishes, it must be noted, were as unconventional as my husband had been: Among other details, a specific plain pine coffin had to be obtained from 1,300 miles away, and a horse-drawn caisson needed to be hired. Never once did Daniel say “Not possible.” He made it all happen, on time, even going so far as to transport the coffin on the final leg of its trip after the freight company dropped the ball. I found Symonds-Madison in a hasty Google search at the most difficult time I’d ever faced. I will forever be grateful that I did.