Funeral Resources

Pets leave paw prints on our heart.  They are not just pets, but beloved members of the family.  When it is time to say goodbye to your faithful friend, we recommend Fox Valley Pet Cremation Services.

If 2020 barred you and your family from being able to gather to grieve and celebrate the life of the person you lost, it isn’t too late for a do-over. We are here to take care of you, your family, and your loved one’s wishes to honor their memory in the way that you had originally intended.

What Will a Funeral Look Like During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Here are the precautions Symonds-Madison Funeral Home is taking to protect your family.

Choosing a burial service is a popular tradition familiar to many Americans, but you may not realize there are new ways to allow you to personalize burial.

Cremation is becoming a more popular choice for families, and this reflects national trends. Many families appreciate the intimacy of cremation.

Funerals can be a financial challenge for some families, especially if the death was unexpected. We are pleased to partner with LendingUSA.

Cemeteries provide an opportunity for your loved one to have a permanent memorial in a peaceful, serene setting in and around Elgin, IL.

If you are dedicated to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, you can extend that passion through to death with sustainable choices.

Losing someone you love or care deeply about is very painful and you may experience a whirlwind of difficult emotions that make life challenging.